Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Range VS.  Walla Walla Gun Club Callenge

  • August 24th Match at Walla Walla Gun Club, 2 Rounds of 5 Stand.

  • August 25th Match at Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Range, 2 Rounds of 5 Stand.

5-Stand League will begin on August 18th and run until October 6th.


Range Safety

Standard TCSA range rules apply at the shotgun range.  TCSA range rules require that all guns be unloaded with actions open (and ALWAYS pointed in a safe direction) when walking around on the range and moving from shooting station to shooting station.  Safety glasses and ear protection is required for all shooters.  You may borrow a pair of safety glasses should you accidentally leave your shooting glasses at home.  Ear plugs are available at the range.