5-STAND LEAGUE will begin on Sunday, August 26th @ 9:00am.  Sign up in the Shotgun Range house!

5-Stand is OPEN for practice every Sunday from 9:00am - Noon-ish.

Warm-Up for the TURKEY SHOOT SEASON is scheduled for October 14th @ 9:00am.  You need the practice!

TURKEY SHOOT is scheduled for November 18th @ 9:00am.  Save the date!


2018 Rattlesnake Mountain Trap League Rules

(2018 Trap League Flyer)


  1. League shooting will be held on the following Sundays:

·        February 18

·        February 25

·        March 4

·        March 11

·        March 18

·        March 25

·        April 1

·        April 8


  1. The shotgun range opens at 9 am.  League shooting will be between the hours of 9 am and noon each Sunday.  Hours may be extended based on the number of participants.


  1. Scoring will be based on 1 round of trap (25 shells) from the 16-yard line. 


  1. The round scored for the league must be declared prior to shooting.  League rounds shall be scored by the League Chair or persons deemed appropriate by the League Chair.


  1. Rattlesnake Mountain rules are applied to the league scoring.  Questions regarding scoring rules shall be refereed to the League Chair.


  1. Scores will be called out prior to moving between posts.  Discrepancies shall be corrected prior to shooting at the next post.  Scores shall be checked at the end of the round.  Scores posted in the clubhouse and on the website are official.


  1. Scores can be from the Upper Trap field or the Lower Trap field based upon availability, as determined by the League Chair.


  1. League monies will be based on the ten highest scores accumulated over the eight weeks. 


  1. If a participant is present on a League Day, they must score a round.  If a participant misses a week they will be allowed to shoot the following league day.  If a participant plans on missing the following league day they may shoot ahead one week.  If the participant fails to make up the score, no score will be posted for the week missed.  April 8th is the last day of league, no scores will be allowed after this day.


  1. The entry fee is $25.  One hundred percent of monies will be returned back to the participants in the form of cash and prizes.


  1. Monies will be paid based on a Lewis Class system.  The number of classes will be based on the number of participants.  Each class will have an equal percentage of the pot.  Each class will pay the top three places at 50% for first, 30% for second and 20% for third.  Questions regarding the Lewis Class systems can be directed to the League Chair.


  1. In the event of a tie a shoot-off will be conducted.  Shoot-off format will be successive rounds of trap until a winner has been declared.


  1. Monies will be awarded at the Shooter Appreciation Day.  The format for the Shooter Appreciation Day has not been determined but will be communicated to the participants in advance.  The projected date is April 15th.


  1. Any questions or issues pertaining to the Rattlesnake Trap League shall be directed to the League Chair, Mark Wilson.  The Grievance Committee is the current Shotgun Board for resolution between league participants and league chair/helpers.




Sun Sep 23 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Wed Sep 26 @ 5:00PM - 08:00PM
Sun Sep 30 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Wed Oct 03 @ 5:00PM - 08:00PM
Sun Oct 07 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Sun Oct 14 @ 9:00AM -