Next FUN & GAMES Shoot is scheduled for DECEMBER 19th.  Shooting starts at 9:00am!


5-Stand is closed until spring.



2021 Rattlesnake Mountain 5-Stand League Rules:

League Director:  Phil Volkman



  1. League will start on September 12th and end on October 24th .
  2. $30 entry fee, Lewis Class pay back format, cash only.
  3. Scoring hours will be on Sunday from 9AM - 1PM.
  4. The League will consist of 10 rounds, 250 birds.
  5. Max 3 rounds scored per week, except one week you can score 4.
  6. Course will change every Sunday.
  7. Cold Gun.

     OPTIONAL 100 Bird Sporting Clays Shoot

In an effort to add something new and fun into the 5-Stand League there is now an optional 100 Bird Sporting Clays Shoot that you can participate in.  This is optional and is not required as part of League.  But, if you have missing scores, or scores that are not up to your standards, then you can take your sporting score and replace your (4) lowest scores from league.  If you shoot it and your sporting score won't help your overall score, then you don't have to use it.  Easy Peasy!  There is no down side to shooting the Sporting Shoot!  We see this as a chance to all road trip together for a fun half day of shooting.  More details to come during 5-Stand League.




Sun Dec 19 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Christmas Shoot